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Sometimes you have to climb a treacherous mountain before you can put yourself out there as a qualified guide. Combining my own life experience with my education to become a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, I offer you the services of Living Well Coaching. I specialize in high-conflict divorce and can help you have strength during this difficult time, courage to begin your new life, and confidence in knowing that you are making the right decisions for your future. With a network of highly respected professionals at my side, we are prepared to work together to support your needs. I am certified in all fifty states and offer coaching in person, via phone, or internet video conference. What does living well mean to you? Contact me today and together we will plan your tomorrow.

What is the mission of Living Well Coaching?

Living Well Coaching, LLC, is dedicated to helping individuals contemplating or going through a high-conflict divorce. As a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® I will help you navigate through the multiple facets of a divorce including separation, mediation and trial while avoiding the costly mistakes that we, as divorce professionals, so often see our clients make.

I will get you focused and organized for:

  • The separation process
  • Helping prepare for mediation and depositions
  • Assisting you and your attorney in organizing information in preparation for trial
  • Helping you rebuild your new life during and after divorce

I also offer a specialized process that outlines alternative options for those who are contemplating divorce but are not sure that they want to end their marriages. After all, living well is all about what you want to see happen in your life and now is the time to make that happen.

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CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

See what folks are saying about Susan and Living Well Coaching.

“I found the divorce process very complicated; especially when encountering processes for the first time.  Susan’s guidance demonstrated she had great knowledge in this space and was providing me the truth – which was invaluable in navigating my way to closure.”

"Susan made me feel totally at ease right away and then just blew me away with how insightful and helpful she was. I highly recommend her!"

“In my sessions with Susan, I found her to have high standards of integrity and honesty. She consistently was thoroughly prepared and organized. She was a professional in all ways!”

“Susan is the one person you can call anytime, count on to be there in a crisis, and know that she will always provide unbiased advice and support.”