Divorce Seminars

Sometimes healing happens individually and sometimes we find comfort from learning in a group environment.

The benefits of participating in a divorce coaching seminar, or group, is to not only learn from your own journey but to share the experiences of others and learn from them as well. We do this as a team in a safe and nurturing environment and the end result is one of self-discovery for you as well as the understanding that you are not alone in your divorce experiences as you hear from others.

I offer three series of Divorce Seminars depending upon where you are in the process. You may take one at a time or choose the level that is appropriate for what you need right now:

Each Seminar is a four week course designed to combine learning and coaching to give you both a new set of tools for the stage of divorce that you are in, as well as an opportunity to get group coaching and discuss the issues that you are currently facing.