Serenity Rooms by Living Well Coaching™

When you are going through a divorce, or rebuilding your new life, what is it that you yearn for the most? Peace? Calm? A sense that everything is going to be ok again? A big part of going through a divorce is understanding that we now get to make our own choices again. We get to claim our space in the world and we get to decide what it is going to look like. Really!

So what if an artist could come to your home and do just that? Do you have a room that you’ve always wanted to make YOUR room? A space where you want to go and spend quiet time doing something just for you and know that you have claimed a space in your new life that is truly yours?

That is exactly the idea behind Serenity Rooms by Living Well Coaching™. We offer two packages for you to choose from and before you know it you could be looking at a sky full of fluffy spring clouds or a lovely garden with beautiful butterflies in it. Right in your home, right in the room that you choose.

As an added and very special bonus, we include three hand-painted canvas wall prints that will correspond to the design that you select. They are not just any canvases, they are made to represent the journey that you have just traveled with Living Well Coaching.

What does living well mean to you? It’s your time to decide and it’s your time to paint your life in the colors and the designs that you deserve to see.

Please contact us for design packages, sizes, pricing, and availability in your area. (Custom designs are available upon request.)