Why Hire a Certified Divorce Coach?

Sometimes you have to know what you are not in order to know what you are. As a CDC (College for Divorce Coaching®) Certified Divorce Coach® I can tell you that I am not a lawyer. I am not a therapist. I am not a financial analyst, nor am I a real estate agent.

When I think about the process of divorce I see it as a gigantic highway, with many lanes, and everyone is speeding straight ahead to get to the end. But there has always been an empty lane and that is the lane that you, the client, is left to drive in alone. I noticed during my own divorce that I did not want to be alone in that lane. I saw my lawyer speeding along next to me, I saw my real estate agent, I saw my financial team, I saw many others, but I was alone in my lane and it felt terrible. There were times that I wanted to call someone and just talk about where I was stuck when I was falling behind.

There were times that I wanted to sit with someone and understand why someone was turning left and someone was turning right and where was I supposed to go? I wanted to feel more in control of a situation that was so much bigger than I was and this highway had no road signs!

I didn’t need someone to drive my car, metaphorically speaking of course, but it would have been fantastic to have someone sitting next to me in the passenger seat to tell me that I was not alone on this gigantic and overwhelming highway. What if they could have told me that others had made it through and I would too? What if they showed me that there was a toolbox in the trunk for whatever obstacles we were to encounter in our lane? There was something greatly missing in the divorce process, that empty lane so to speak, and someone needed to fill it. That is where the role of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach® comes into play.  It doesn’t take away from the necessary work that other professionals will do for you during the dissolution of your marriage. In fact, most people can’t dissolve their marriage without at least one of them helping.

However, if we all stay in our lanes we will reach the off ramp together and you can feel the sense of accomplishment from having driven yourself to the end. I want to help you navigate the roads of high-conflict divorce in a focused and organized manner so that you come out feeling stronger, more confident and more courageous then you did before you started. I often say, “I would have done anything to have had a Certified Divorce Coach when I was going through this.” I’ve been there and I understand.

Beware: not all coaches are CDC Certified Divorce Coaches®!

The CDC College for Divorce Coaching® provides the education that guides us and sets very high standards of professionalism. If we don’t complete that education and meet those standards then we cannot call ourselves a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. You should be aware of that as you look for the right person for you. The CDC Certified Divorce Coach® courses are approved by the ICF, The International Coach Federation, for Continuing Coach Education (CCE). That ensures consistency in practicing coaching core competencies from those who are trained in the CDC program.

From the CDC (College for Divorce Coaching®):

  • A CDC Certified Divorce Coach® is a welcome addition to the list of professionals serving people in divorce matters.
  • The CDC process is governed by the CDC Board of Standards®: the professional standard for personal divorce coaching, representing best practices, a code of ethics, personal excellence, and a foundation of trust with everyone they interact with.
  • A CDC Certified Divorce Coach® completes a highly specialized course of study which culminates in becoming certified.

And as a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® I will continue to stay on trend with the latest news in my industry to make sure that I am always giving you the best that I have to offer based on what is happening in your life today. Don’t just build a team, build the very best team that you can. As your CDC Certified Divorce Coach® I can help you do this.